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Беляева, Дина Источник

Through macrocosm and scintillating orbs... (Среди миров)     Исходный текст

Through macrocosm and scintillating orbs
I say the name of One Celestial Lover:
Not that I have been loving Her before,
But that I have been wearied by the others.

And if the doubt exacts a heavy toll,
She is the One I'm begging for true guidance,
Not that She brings more light into the world,
But that with Her one'd be content in darkness.

Дралюк, Борис (Boris Dralyuk) Источник

In The Train Car (В вагоне)     исходный текст

We've done enough, we've said enough -
let's sit in silence, without smiling;
low-lying clouds are shedding snow
and heaven's light is slowly fading.

The brittle willows rage and split
in an unspeakable pitched battle.
'Until tomorrow, then,' I say.
'As for today, let's call it settled.'

Even if boundlessly at fault,
I wish - not dreaming, not entreating -
to stare out at the fields of white
through windows swathed in cotton fleecing.

While you, show off your beauty, shine...
assure me that I have your pardon -
shine with that stream of eventide
around which everything has hardened.

Моисеенко, О. / Уэтлин, Маргарита

Среди миров К романсу Ю. А. Шапорина. PDF

Скрягин, Игорь (Igor Skryagin)

I`m not afraid of life... (Прелюдия) Источник     Исходный текст

I'm not afraid of life. With its exciting sound
It gives to you to burn and to your thoughts to glow.
Disquiet but not thought grows in a manless mist,
And it is cold at nights for flowers crystal with.
But moments scattered are in unemployment mine,
When any touch to soul is painful never mind
I am exciting you among for private peace,
As match in a keen wind enclosed hand mine with:
Let be just this blink: But don't touch me at next blink,
I'm going by the touch my way avoiding link:
Do notice absent-minded look in silence mine
And don't prevent around me just to be alive.
That's better. Just would not me notice other people
In fog, perhaps, and also a creative grief in.

Чибисова,  Ольга Владимировна (Комсомольск-на-Амуре)

("Девиз таинственной похож...") Исходный текст

Device of Mystery is like
The number eight resupinated.
It is a highly welcome lie
Persisting in the minds of mankind.

Its promises come true in dials
In circles of enamel minutes,
At twilight they effulge as stars
Or else are sung by wind of midnight.

But where the extinguished suns
Prevented us from moving forward,
Infinity becomes a blink
Split by the lightning of a torment.

Приводится в статье: A.A. Shuneyko, O.V. Chibisova. Buddhism in the Poetic Works of Innokenty Annensky. PDF
// Вестник Волгоградского государственного университета. Серия 2, Языкознание. 2019. Т. 18, ? 1. С. 180-186. (На англ.).

Bonver, Yevgeny (Евгений Бонвер). Отдельная страница

Bowra, Cecil Maurice

Poppies (Маки) Источник     Исходный текст

The gay day flames. The grass is still.
Like greedy impotence, poppies rise,
like lips that lust and poison fill,
like wings of scarlet butteflies.

The gay day flames... The garden now
is empty. Lust and feast are done.
Like heads of hags, the poppies bow
beneath the bright cup of the sun.

Chandler, Robert Источник

Spring Song (Весенний романс)     исходный текст

Not yet does the current hold sway
but it's drowning the blue ice;
the clouds have not melted away,
yet the snow is drifting in sunlight.

Through a half-open door
my heart hears a whisper...
You don't yet love, but no more
can you keep your distance.

Cigale, Alex

Источник: http://www.albany.edu/offcourse/issue41/cigale_translations1.html
Об авторе перевода, фото: http://www.blogger.com/profile/09879553998224020356

Among the Worlds (Среди миров)     Исходый текст

Among worlds shone, amid glimmers,
A single star whose name I repeat....
Not so that I may come to love it,
But because I am weary of the rest.

And if I find doubt a burden,
I seek only from her an answer,
Not because she shines brightly
But because with her I need no light.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Notturno To my friend, S. K. Bulich     Исходный текст

Select a dark night and in a field, unpeopled, naked,
dip into gray twilight... May the air, having fanned, becalm,
May the stars, winking, in the cold sky slumber on...
Tell the heart not to count its thumps...
Stop in mid-step and listen! You're not alone... The wings
of a bird, heavy, sodden, drift through the fog.
Listen... it's the flight of a predator, a sovereign avian,
They call that bird T i m e, and on its wings is your will,
A passing dream of happiness, hopes' golden rags:

Sad country (Печальная страна)    Исходный текст

Sad and made of copper
The symbol we are wed,
Even our comedies
End a little sadly:.
Our joyful neighbors
Wear their infernal
Hirsute fur coats:.
And that only: banal
Are our mangy bears
With prey trembling
In blood-covered lips.

*   *   *  Исходный текст

For what purpose, when dreams betray,
That words brim over with delusions?
For what purpose, on a forgotten grave,
Grass grows greener and emits a noise?

For what purpose these lunar heights,
If my garden is silent and dark?
And the tails of her plaits are untied,
And I hear their breath... for what?

Eugenius Источник

Amid the Worlds     Исходный текст

Amid the worlds, in twinkling of the stars
There's the One, whose name I always utter:
'Tis not because I love Her with my heart,
But rather because languish I with others.

And if my doubt is hard in all its might,
'Tis She alone, whom always I inquire,
'Tis not because She gives abundant light,
But rather because with Her no light is required.

France, Peter

Balloons for the Kids (Шарики детские) Источник     Исходный текст

Balloons, come and buy my balloons!
Balloons from the kids!
Money from the dads!
Young gents, come and buy my balloons!
Foxy coat, let's see your spare cash,
Don't cling on to the trash:
I'll let them fly up to the sky,
In two hours, look out, look up high!
It's good to be free, so they say.
Tweet-tweet, your worship, let's play.
Just buy, they'll be on cloud nine.
No bargaining - three seventy-five!
Could I take any less
For emancipation - bliss?
No, you won't....
Hey Granny, what d'you want?
Just a tot?
Sorry, but see what I've got....
So it goes -
Another one grows,
But our Punch
with his head screwed on tight
doesn't grow a fat paunch,
but looks high in the sky
with his lofty thoughts.
Which one will you have?
Don't squeeze me until I am yours,
Mess it up and it's flat...
Balloons for the kids,
Red ones, purple ones,
Cheap as they come!
Balloons for the kids!
Hey, fur collar, speak Fritz?
Take ten - they're in couples
And the rest for free...
Shame your German's so weak,
Talk's better than roubles!
Let's have you, old man!
It's like you - spick and span -
This great big fatty,
Yellow as putty,
With a heart saying Katy...
Going for a song
Just five,
And another twenty-five,
And then ten more for the best.
Here's one with the government crest!
Balloons, buy my kiddies' balloons!
Good people, just buy my balloons,
And then you watch out, you saloons!

Winter Sky (Зимнее небо) Источник     Исходный текст

Down and away flew the melting snow;
cheeks burned red and glistened.
I had not thought the moon was so small
or the clouds so smokily distant.

Asking for nothing, I'll go away,
for my number is up, for ever.
I had not thought the moon was so fair
or so feaful up in heaven.

Midnight is near. I'm no one, no one's,
worn out by the spectre of life,
marvelling at the moonbeam's smoke
in my treacherous fatherland.

Dying (Умирание) Источник     Исходный текст

Thank God, here is the shade again!
Why it is I do not know,
But since the morning I have felt
This dying hanging over me
All the livelong twilit day!
Serving out its bitter time
Between decrepit yellow walls,
Shrivelled, shuddering on its string,
A gloomy red balloon hangs there
Between decrepit yellow walls!
And impotent, just like a shade,
All this livelong twilit day
Keeps tugging, tugging at the string,
Unable to cut short its pain
All this livelong twilit day:
If only night came quickly, night!
To feel yourself slipping away
Into swooning, reconciled
And stupefied, going out again
Into the stupefying night!
And if up there above my head
That dark red thing, barely alive
Would wait its time over the bed
Before becoming so like me:
That dark thing, barely alive,
Up there, right above my head:

Silver Noon (Серебряный полдень) Источник     Исходный текст

The gleam of silver at noon
Has not yet scattered the mist,
Shot through with wounds of the sun
The mist is still yellower at noon,
Still yellower, still more deathly.
But noon is burning so sternly
That now I can barely endure
The snatches of lilac and scarlet
Of balloons that the eye just makes out
Among scraps of funereal fire.
And why should they all come running,
These joyful, these crazy crowds
Seeking to capture the sun?
And why should the sun caress them,
Airy creatures in a dead space!
But in incense all will grow dim,
The silver of flames and brocade,
The pomp of the undertaker:
For Pierrot and Harlequin
Come with candles to stand at the grave!
Oh white funereal pomp!

Khavin, Gregory B. Источник

"Among cold worlds, immersed in starry glow..." (Среди миров)     Исходный текст

Among cold worlds, immersed in starry glow,
One single star's name I repeat- why bother
It's not because she has my only love
Because it's simply far too dark with others.

And if it's getting heavy with the doubt
Hers is the only precious answer heeded
It's not because her light is very bright
It is because no light with her is needed.

Liberman, Anatoly Источник

"Among the worlds, in the twinkling of the luminaries..." (Среди миров)     Исходный текст

Amid the worlds, 'mid luminaries' gleam,
One Star I know whose name I keep repeating.
It's not that of my love for Her I dream:
It's that with others all is mirthless cheating.

And when oppressive doubt I have to fight,
Her answer only have I sought and heeded.
It's not that She is emanating light:
It's that with Her around no light is needed.

Lowell, Robert источник

Black Spring     исходный текст

A half-holiday for the burial. Of course, they punish
the provincial copper bells for hours;
terribly the nose tilts up like a tallow candle
from the coffin. Does it wish to draw breath
from its torso in a mourning.suit? The last snow
fell sombrely - white, then the roads were bread-crumbed
with pebbles.
Poor winter, honeycombed with debts,
poured to corruption. Now the dumb, black springtime
must look into the chilly eye... from under the mould
on the roof-shingles, the liquid oatmeal
of the roads, the green stubble of life
on our faces! High in the splinter elm,
shrill the annual fledglings with their spiky necks.
They say to man that his road is mud,
his luck is rutted - there is nothing
sorrier than the marriage of two deaths.

Morrison, R. H. (США)

Кипарисовый ларец. Bilingual edition. Translated by R. H. Morrison.
An Arbor Ardis, 1982 г. 113 с. бумажный переплет, обычный формат.
(Русский текст - репринт изд.: М., книгоизд-во "Грифъ", 1910).

Oram, Peter

Bronze poet (Бронзовый поэт) Источник     Исходный текст

Clouds that whiten in a dome of blue
and twisted trees sharply delineated,
the dust aglow, each shadow elongated
and phantoms that pass through the heart anew.

Why was the tale so brief? I cannot say.
Was there a second half I didn't know?
In pale skies the clouds dissolve away
and night roams through the blackened tree below.

That man, the bench he sits on in the dusk
are growing heavier and more grotesque...
Don't move! For as carnations start to shine

and leafy bushes melt and intertwine,
the poet shakes away his uniform
of tired bronze and prings on the lawn.

Probstein, Ian (Ян Эмильевич Пробштейн, США)

Страница Википедии автора. Ещё об авторе здесь. Интервью с Яном Пробштейном 9 июля 2013 г.
Переводы переданы в собрание автором. Опубликованы в цифровом журнале "Four Centuries. Russian Poetry in Translation" (издатель и редактор Илья Перельмутер (Ilya Perelmuter)).

"Не могу понять, не знаю..."
"В небе ли меркнет звезда..."

Тексты PDF Источник: Four Centuries. Russian Poetry in Translation. 8-2014


Тексты PDF Источник: Four Centuries of Russian Poetry in Translation. 10-2015

Среди миров
Трактир жизни

Тексты PDF Источник: Four Centuries of Russian Poetry in Translation. 17-2017


Raffel, Burton Источник

On the Water (На воде)     исходный текст

That, is that a meadow? A cloud? Water
bewitched by the yellow moon?
Silvery glass above me, in front of me,
in the silvery distance, behind me...

No regret... No desire...
may the witch's mask gleam
and her story roll like a ball
to that silvery distance, across that silvery glass.

Sarkisyants, Evgenia Источник

"Mid the celestial world and star array..." (Среди миров)     Исходный текст

Mid the celestial world and star array,
But One Star's name I speak in fascination;
Not really that I loved Her in some way;
It is that She's my sole illumination.

And should a doubt exert its heavy toll,
Then Her alone I seek to guide my action;
Not for the light She emanates at all;
'Tis that with Her, light's but a vain attraction.

Southby, Linda

On Water (На воде) Источник     исходный текст

Either meadows, pray tell, or clouds, or water
Bewitched by the yellow moon:
A silvery expanse, a silvery distance
Above me, before me, behind me:

Not regretting anything: wishing nothing:
Only that the sorceress' mask would gleam
And that its tale would unravel
Into the silvery distance, the silvery expanse.

Child's Insomnia (Бессонница ребенка) Источник     исходный текст

From the smothering soot of the earth
The fiery speck got out,
And the shadows began to flow gently,
Merging strange contours.

I knew that I couldn't sleep:
While my lips prayed,
Those importunate words began
Shifting in the brain.

I lay, and the shadows drifted,
Probably knowing and hiding,
How a mushroom emerges from the earth
And how the hour-hand ticks.

Ideal (Идеал) Источник     исходный текст

The dull sounds of gas flares
Above the dead brightness of heads,
The tedium's black contagion
From deserted tables,

And there, among the sallow-faced,
Harbouring the anguish of the habit,
Trying to solve on the discoloured pages
The odious puzzle of being.

Buddhist Mass in Paris (Буддистская месса в Париже) Источник     исходный текст

For F. Fr. Zelinsky

The columns, wrapped in yellow silk,
The peche and mauve dresses, with the slightly
Gaudy frills, among the undulations
Of burning oils and lisping peals,
And the rhythms of thousand-year-old words,
A little softened by the autumn gilding -
You shall come to life in my memory.

A basalt Mongol was officiating,
As the mysterious verb thawed
In the capriciously-produced shrine
At the heart of the museum, so that the ladies
Would play with their black fans and, strangers
To the secret as their fleur-de-lis,
Would answer only to the interpreter's 'Miss'.

The silken patches caressed my scattered glance,
In this mystery, only the music was clear to me,
Whose consonance I caught attentively,
Breathing with its rhythms, as with the waves
Of censers, and felt ashamed by the pale prose,
Aiding this mystical and musical daydream.

The service ended, and the hall awakened,
The Mongol passed to us his flowers
With a smile, and inhaling the exotic
Fragrances, the singers, dames, - carefully
Holding their traînes - and diplomats hurried
To the exit, to hear the evening's
La mascotte or Carmen.

An uncomprehended phrase dwelt in the air,
Born out of the soul and ecstatic torments,
So that pure hearts could drink benevolence
From it: And it was strange and chilling
To see the veils descend upon the smiles,
The gentle fingers drop the flowers of the gods.

Old Barrel Organ (Старая шарманка) Источник     Исходный текст

The heavens have driven us completely mad:
Blinding us with either fire, or snow,
And, snarling, the stubborn winter
Has retreated beastly behind April.

Slipping into oblivion for an instant -
And again the helmet is thrust over the brows,
The streams, gone under the crusted snow,
Will leave their song unfinished, silent and still.

But the past is long forgotten,
The garden is noisy, the stone - white
And echoing, and the open window gapes
At how the grass has donned an alley.

Only the old barrel organ shivers,
In the dusky swoon of May,
Failing to grind the bitter grievances,
By pressing and turning the wilful shaft.

And while at it, this shaft shall never
Understand, that work is meaningless,
That the grievances of old years grow
On the prickly bumps due to the pain of turning.

But if the old shaft could understand
The fate it had to share with the barrel organ,
Would it cease to sing and turn
Because singing isn't possible without suffering?..

Train-Station Sadness (Тоска вокзала) Источник     Исходный текст

O, eve of eternal humdrum,
The viscid stinger of dullness:
In the dusty heat of noon, the din
And colour of the train station:

The half-dead flies
On the boarded-up kiosk,
On the spilled whitewash,
Are blind, greedy and deaf.

A faded-green banner,
White bursts of steam,
And the distant chimney's
Unanswered call.

The emblem of parting
In a deceitful assignation -
The one-armed conductor
By the clock, in anticipation:

Is there something more tedious
Than a motionless point,
Than the quiver of noon
Above the drowsiness of a leaf:

Anything, but this:
Nestle closer - you must;
How flushed you are, besmeared,
Anything - but not this!

To be annihilated, by falling
Into this faceless pool,
Into the stupor of couches,
The striped ticking!..

Thompson, Max Источник

Amidst the Planets (Среди миров)     Исходный текст

Amidst the planets, in the heavens' glimmer,
There's just one Star whose name I'll ever say.
It's not because I am in love with Her,
But as, with other stars, I waste away.

And if I'm feeling painfully unsure,
I'll come to Her alone to ease my plight.
It's not because light emanates from Her,
But as, with Her, there is no need for light.

Weissbort, Daniel / Yakovleva, Lubov

Small kulak landowner (Кулачишка) Источник     Исходный текст

To flourish amid the incessant hell
Of steps, now heavy, now loud,
And groaning pulleys and fumes,
And the clicking of billiard balls.

To make love till a streak
Of blood red flares up in the East,
An hour, till a white kerchief
Copes with a scythe.

To feed to Reproaches and Furies
All your heart, all your strength to the last,
So your humpback daughter, umbrella in hand,
Can follow a brocade-covered coffin.

Violin bow and strings Источник     Исходный текст

What heavy, dark delirium!
The turbid moonlight on these peaks!
To have touched the violin so many years
And in the light not recognize its strings!

Who needs us? Who has lit up
Two yellow faces, both so melancholy...
Then suddenly the bow felt
Someone take them up and someone join them.

"Oh, how long ago it was! In all this darkness,
Tell me only: Are you the same one, are you?"
And the strings caressed him, pressing close,
Ringing, but caressing, they trembled.

"It is true, is it not, that nevermore
Shall we be parted? Enough?..
And the violin replied - yes,
But there was pain in the violin's heart.

The bow then understood all, fell silent,
And in the violin there stayed the echo...
And that which people took for the music
Was torture to them.

But not till morning did the man
Put out the candle... and the strings sang,
Only the sun, exhausted, found them
On the black velvet of the bed.

Snow (Снег) Источник     Исходный текст

I could have loved the winter,
But the burden is heavy.
Even smoke cannot
Escape into the clouds.

The sharply etched lines,
The unwieldy flight,
The pauperish blue
Of the tear-swollen ice.

But I love snow, weakened
By the easy life above,
Sometimes glistening white,
Sometimes purple lilac...

And particularly thawing,
When, revealing the peaks,
It settles down weary
On a sliding precipice.

Immaculate dreams,
Like cattle in the mist,
On the agonizing brink
Of spring's holocaust.

Petersburg (Петербург) Источник     Исходный текст

The yellow steam of Petersburg's winter.
The yellow snow which clings to the flagstones...
I don't know where you are, and where we are.
Only that we are part of each other.

Did the tsar's decree create us?
Did the Swedes forget to drown us?
Instead of a fairy tale our past contains
Only stones and terrible happenings.

The magician gave us only stones
And the brownish-yellow Neva
And deserts of squares that are mute
Where executions were held till dawn.

And what went on in our land,
What raised our two-headed eagle on high,
In dark laurels, the giant on a rock,1
Will tomorrow be game for the workers?

Even he who was furious and brave
Was betrayed by his galloping steed,
The tsar could not crush the snake,
Pinned down, it became our idol.

No Kremlins, no miracles, nothing sacred,
Neither mirages, nor tears, nor a smile...
Only stones from the frozen wastes
And the knowledge of an accursed mistake.

Even in May, when the shadows
Of the white night spill over the waves,
It is not the magic of a springtime dream,
But the poison of sterile desires.

It happened in Vallen-Koski... (Это было на Валлен-Коски) Источник     Исходный текст

It happened in Vallen-Koski,
The rain descended from somber clouds,
And planks of wood, yellow and sodden,
Plunged over the mournful rocks.

After such a cold night we were yawning,
Tears stood in our eyes:
To divert ourselves, for the fourth time,
We threw a doll into the waters.

The swollen doll plunged
Into the white-flecked hill,
Where il whirled tor a long time al first
As though straining to return.

But in vain the foam licked
The joints of its hard pressed .arms -
Its rescue could only release it
To new ever-changing pangs.

See, already the turbulent current
Grows yellow, is meek and languid;
The Finnish fellow earned
Fail and square what he charged tor the job.

And now the doll's on a rock.
And the river flows farther on...
This comic event tor me,
That gray morning was somber indeed.

Sometimes the sky is that way,
Play of light upon light,
So the heart feels the hurt of a doll
More acutely than its own.

We grow sensitive then like leaves:
To us gray stone, coming alive,
Is i friend, and a friend's voice sounds
Out of tune like a child's violin.

And deep in the heart is the knowledge
That with it the fear was born
That in the world it is alone,
Like an old doll In the water...

From the Ends to the Begining. Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences, Northwestern University.
Двуязычная антология русской поэзии.
На сайте указаны три переводчика - Tatiana Tulchinsky, Andrew Wachtel, Gwenan Wilbur. Но кто автор трёх переводов из Анненского - не ясно.

Among Worlds (Среди миров)     Исходный текст

Among the worlds, the sparkling spheres,
The name of One Star only I repeat...
It's not because I love Her dearly
But just because I pine with others.

And when by doubt I'm troubled
I pray to Her alone for answers.
It's not because She gives off light,
But just because with Her I don't need light.

A Gas Butterfly (Бабочка газа)    Исходный текст

Tell me what's happening to me?
Why is my heart beating so fervently?
why has this madness, like a wave,
Broken through the rock of habit?

Is it my strength or just my torment
I'm too disturbed to tell:
From the shimmering lines of life
I extract a forgotten phrase...

Is it a thief who turns his lantern
Upon the crowd of dreary letters?
I can't help reading the phrase,
But haven't the strength to go back...

It really had to flare up,
But it only harries the darkness;
All night, like a gas-flame butterfly
It trembles, but cannot escape...

Bow and Strings (Смычок и струны)    Исходный текст

What heavy, dark delirium!
What dim and moonlit heights!
To touch the violin for years
And not to know the strings by light!

Who needs us now? And who lit up
Two hollow, melancholy faces...
And suddenly the bow felt
Someone take them up, unite them.

"How long it's been! Amidst this gloom
Just tell me this: are you still the same?"
The strings caressed the bow,
Rang out, caressed it slightly trembling.

"Is it not true, that we will never more
Be parted. It's enough..."
Yes, replied the violin,
But pain was throbbing in her heart.

The bow discerned it and grew mute,
The echo still continued in the violin...
What was a torture to them both
The people heard as music.

But the violinist didn't snuff
The candles out 'til dawn... The strings sang on...
The sun found them worn out
On the black velvet of their bed.





Библиография PDF
Передана в собрание составителем Ильёй Перельмутером (Ilya Perelmuter), издателем и редактором цифрового журнала "Four Centuries. Russian Poetry in Translation", http://perelmuterverlag.de/.

Иоганнеса Гюнтера из его антологии (2): Neue russische Lyrik. Hrsg. von Johannes Guenther. Fischer, 1960. S. 26-30;
Г. Баумана
из антологии (3): Russische Lyrik 1185-1963. Ausgewahlt und ubersetzt von Hans Baumann. Darmstadt, 1963;
Harry Сr. Fessler
и Annemarie Rau из антологии (4): Solang es dich mein Russland gibt. Russische Lyrik. Hrsg. von Roland
Opitz. Reclam, 1967, S. 70;
Bruno Goetz
из антологии Е. Эткинда (5): Russische Lyrik. Gedichte aus drei Jahrhunderten. Ausgewahlt und eingeleitet von Efim Etkind. Piper, 1987.

Jakobson, Martina

Wolkenrauch. Gedichte. Aus dem Russischen übertragen und herausgegeben von Martina Jakobson.
Hörby (Sweden): Edition Rugerup, 2010.

Borowsky, Kay

Amethyste (Аметисты) Источник     Исходный текст

Sobald der rasend rote Tag
das Blau verbrennt mit seinem Funkeln -
wie ruf ich da das Dunkel an,
der Amethyste kaltes Dunkel.

Und so, dass nicht in heißem Strahl
des Amethysts Facetten brennen -
dass sie nur kerzengleichen Schein
als schwaches leichtes Feuer kennen.

Und dass das Leuchten, violett,
in seiner Brechung glauben ließe -
nicht, dass es unsre Bindung gibt,
nein: strahlendes Zusammenfließen.

Усов, Д. С. Автограф перевода на немецкий язык 1-й строфы стихотворения "Свечку внесли" сохранился в "Литературной тетради Валентина Кривича".



Д. С. Усов в 1915 г.  пытался переводить Анненского на французский язык,  см. его письмо Арс. Альвингу от 19.05.1915.

Шюзевиль, Жан (1886-1959)

Из книги: Jean Chuzewille. Anthologie des Poètes russes. Paris, 1914. См. о ней страницу В. Я. Брюсова

Теа Эс

n vagon' ('В вагоне'), 'А la côte du Nord' ('На северном берегу').

Сообщил Д. С. Усов в письме к Е. Я. Архиппову от 14 декабря 1924 г.


Форум "Ассоциации лексикографов Lingvo", http://www.lingvoda.ru/forum/actualtopics.aspx?bid=11 (не существует)был открыт 10 ноября 2005 г.

(Среди миров)     Исходный текст

Elle est la Seule dont je répète le nom
Au vacillement des étoiles lointaines:
Et mon amour vers elle n'est pas raison
Mais être avec des autres qui me peine.

Elle est la Seule qui donne du réconfort
Au cas où le malheur m'offense,
Et la lumière en elle est plutôt tort,
Mais c'est qu'elle fait briller l'ambiance.

Люкэ, П.

Среди миров. К романсу Ю. А. Шапорина. PDF


"Перебой ритма"

"В стиле Малларме, в манере Малларме", см. в докладе-статье "Несколько наблюдений над французским подтекстом "Трилистника шуточного"".

Severina, Marina Источник

Mon etoile (Моя звезда = Среди миров)     Исходный текст

Le monde des astres,
L`eclair planetaire
Me donnent l`Etoile
Dans cet univers.

Et ce n`est point
Un amour tres cruel,
Car moi, je languis
Dans l`attente sans Elle.

Mais si mes grands doutes
Deviennent trop tourments,
Je n`ai besoin
D`aucun soulagement:

Je goute la paix doucе
De ma chere рlanete,
De cette lumiere
Si belle et si nette.




Рокпелнис, Янис

Анненский И. Тихие песни. Параллельные тексты на латышском и русском языках. Составил Янис Рокпелнис.
Рига, Лиесма, 1986 г. 104 с. (Серия: 1000 строк).




Георгиев Занев, Любомир

Эпиграф к сборнику "Тихие песни".

Опубликовано 23.02.2006 на сайте журнала "Буквите". Исходный текст

От заветната фиала
върху думите пролята
е, уви, не красотата:
а скръбта по идеала.




Цурыло, Барбара

"Смычок и струны".
Файл mp3 Читают на двух языках Алёна Дубинская и Барбара Цурыло. Источник: http://vk.com/club5395596




Litvinova, Natalia

Innokenti Annenski. Melancolia por lo fugaz: Antologia
/ prologo, traduccion: Natalia Litvinova. Madrid, Vaso Roto Ediciones, 2016. http://www.vasoroto.com/?lg=es&id=4&cid=1&lid=198

Это первая антология поэзии И. Ф. Анненского на испанском языке. Заглавие дано по стихотворению 'Тоска мимолётности' ('Трилистник сумеречный'). Антология собрала благожелательные рецензии с интересом к творчеству незнакомого испаноязычной публике русского поэта:

Francisca Pageo. Innokenti Ánnenski. Pienso que tu corazón es recuerdo // La Revista Détour. Cine, literatura y arte; 29.06. 2016.
Eduardo Zambrano
. El llamado de Innokenti Ánnenski // La revista Levadura (México). 21.08.2016.
Diego Giménez. 'Melancolía por lo fugaz'. Reseña del libro de Innokenti Ánnenski // Revista de Letras. 12.09.2016.

Сообщила М. Ф. Надъярных (ИМЛИ РАН) в FB-группе "Анненская хроника" (октябрь 2016 г.). Она написала:

"Об авторе вводной статьи и переводчице всех текстов, вошедших в антологию: Наталья Литвинова / Natalia Litvinova (р. 1986, Гродно, Белоруссия). С 1996 г. Н. Литвинова живет в Аргентине; она издала несколько книг собственной испаноязычной поэзии, известна своими переводами на испанский язык поэзии С. Есенина, О. Мандельштама, А. Ахматовой. <...>
С переводами Анненского, созданными Натальей Литвиновой для Антологии, я пока знакомилась по цитатам из рецензий. Все они принадлежат к традиции перевода русской поэзии нерифмованным (белым / свободным) стихом. Пока могу сказать только одно: дух Анненского в этих переводах жив."

Melancolia por lo fugaz

El dia se va sin dejar rastro.
Amarillea y mira hacia el balcon
el disco nebuloso de la media luna.
Y en la desesperanza de las ventanas abiertas,
las paredes blancas, tristes e inexpresivas.
Ahora la noche vendra,
las nubes tan negras:
Siento pena por el ultimo instante de la tarde:
alli esta el pasado, el deseo y la melancolia,
lo que viene, la tristeza y el olvido.
Aqui la tarde es como un sueno: fugaz y cohibida,
pero para un corazon sin melodias, ni lagrimas, ni perfumes,
donde se han roto y fundido tantas nubes
parece mas cercano el crepusculo que un suave atardecer.




Котетишвили, Вахушти (1935-2008)

Страница Википедии; "Сперва я перевел Иннокентия Анненского..." Источник


В. Котетишвили составил книгу своих переводов "Серебряный век + Бродский" (на груз. и русск. языках. Тбилиси, издательство "Арили", 2006), в которую включены переводы стихов Анненского.

Сообщил Давид Кокашвили, участник FB-группы "Анненская хроника".

"Издательство 'Тобалиси' выпустило второе, дополненное издание книги 'Русская поэзия. Переводы', объединившей семьдесят русских поэтов, начиная с пушкинской эпохи. книга посвящена светлой памяти Вахушти Котетишвили и Нико Гомелаури. Переводы выполнены пятью переводчиками, из которых наиболее широко представлен Котэ Кубанеишвили, он же составитель.
Виднейшей поэтессы серебряного века Анны Ахматовой учитель, тончайший лирик Иннокентий Анненский представлен стихотворением 'Среди миров' в переводе Вахушти Котетишвили. он отличается определенным мастерством, но заключительные строки двухстрофного стихотворения выглядят искусственно и не лучшим образом."

Эмзар Квитаишвили. Грузинские версии русской поэзии / Перевела Камилла-Мариам Коринтэли // Русский клуб. 2012, ? 2 (76). Февраль. С. 36 (Грузия). Источник




Bezembinder, Paul


Текст PDF Источник: Four Centuries of Russian Poetry in Translation. 14-2016


Annenskij Innokentij. V bezesných nocich / Přeložil Václav Daněk. Praha: Odeon, 1978. 192 s.
(Světava četba; Sv. 492). [8]

Tiché pisné

Poezie (Поэзия ("Над высью пламенной Синая..."));
( ("Девиз таинственной похож..."));
U rakve (У гроба);
Dvojnik (Двойник);
Na prahu (На пороге);
Listy (Листы);
Ideál (Идеал);
Vitr (Ветер);
V ceste (В дороге);
života (Трактир жизни);
Prvni klavirni sonet (Первый фортепьянный сонет);
ště jeden (Еще один);
Na vod
ě (На воде);
Jitro (Утро);
čka hasne (Свечка гаснет);
Dekoгасе (Декорация);
Perlik a jiskry (Молот и искры);
Stesk návratu (Тоска возврата);
"Mouchy jak my
šlenky" ("Мухи как мысли" (Памяти Апухтина));
Pod zeleným stinidlem (Под зеленым абажуром);
řeti trýznivý sonet (Третий мучительный сонет);
Stesk (Тоска);
Práni (Желание).

Truhlička trojlistků

Trojlistek soumračný (Трилистник сумеречный): Seřiková mha (Сиреневая мгла); Stesk pomijejicnosti (Тоска мимолетности); Čas svičky (Свечку внесли);
Trojlistek podzimni (Трилистник осенний): Zas jsi se mnou (Ты опять со мной); Srpen (Август ("Еще горят лучи под сводами дорог...")); Obrázek z Wallen-Koski (То было на Валлен-Коски);
Trojlistek odevzdanosti osudu (Трилистник обреченности): Budik (Будильник); Ocelová cikadá (Стальная цикада);
Černá silueta (Черный силуэт);
Trojlistek ohnivý (Трилистник огне
нный): Ametysty (Аметисты ("Когда, сжигая синеву...")); Sivý západ (Сизый закат); Lednova pohádka (Январская сказка);
Trojlistek blouzn
ěni (Трилистник кошмарный): Blouzněni (Кошмары); Kyjevské jeskyně (Киевские пещеры); То а Опо (То и это);
Trojlistek prokleti (Трилистник проклятия): Karty (Ямбы);
Špatná karta (Кулачишка); Ne, tělo пе (О нет, не стан);
Trojlistek vit
ězný (Трилистник победный): V kouzelném krystalu (В волшебную призму); Tři (Трое); Probuzeni (Пробуждение);
Trojlistek smute
čni (Трилистник траурный): Před panychidou (Перед панихидой); Balada (Баллада); Svatozář (Светлый нимб);
Trojlistek tesknoty (Трилистник тоски): Tesknota ро bou
řce (Тоска отшумевшей грозы); Tesknota připomináni (Тоска припоминания); Tesknota ро bilém kameni (Тоска белого камня);
Trojlistek p
řizračný (Трилистник призрачный): Nox vitae (Nox vitae); Čtvecová okýnka (Квадратные окошки); Trýznivý sonet
(Мучительный сонет);
železnični (Трилистник вагонный); Nádražni tesknota (Тоска вокзала); V kupé (В вагоне); Zimni vlak (Зимний поезд);
Trojlistek z parku (Трилистник в парке): Jsem na dné (Я на дне); Bronzový básnik (Бронзовый поэт); Расе ('Расе': Статуя мира);
Trojlistek ze starého se
šitu (Трилистник из старой тетради): Tesknota kyvalda (Тоска маятника); Obrázek (Картинка); Staré panské sidlo (Старая усадьба);
Trojlistek jarmare
čni (Трилистник балаганный): Střibrné poledne (Серебряный полдень); Dětské balonky (Шарики детские); Umiráni (Умирание);
Trojlistek burleskni (Трилистник шуточный): Rytmická arytmie (Перебой ритма); Paján druhý a Paján
čtvrtý (Пэон второй -- пэон четвертый); Člověk (Человек).

Verše z pozůstalosti

Třináct veršů (Тринадцать строк);
Oreáda (Ореанда);
Ospalost (Дремотность);
Nervy (Нервы);
Jarni romance (Весенний романс);
Podzimni romance (Осенний романс);
řerývané sloky (Прерывистые строки);
Jedle, má jedlinko (Ель моя, елинка);
Lyra hodin (Лира часов);
čný sonet (Солнечный сонет);
Jen je
ště žit (Желанье жить);
Poezie (Поэзия ("Творящий дух и жизни случай..."));
"V krajin
ě voňavé..." ("В ароматном краю в этот день голубой...");
Na plátn
ě (На полотне);
К portrétu Dostojevského (К портре
ту Достоевского);
Со je
štěsti (Что счастье?); "Ne, kuitek neželim..." ("Нет, мне не жаль цветка, когда его сорвали...");
Petrohrad (Петербург);
ězdu at' tmi s mhlou dým..." ("В небе ли меркнет звезда...");
Bezesné noci (Бессонные ночи);
"Myslel jsem, srdce
že je kámen..." ("Я думал, что сердце из камня...");
V rozkvétajicich bezech (В зацветающих сиренях);
"Slov a zamy
šleni postihovat krásu..." ("Только мыслей и слов...");
К portrétu A. A. Bloka (К портрету А. А. Блока);
Staré Estonký (Старые эстонки);
К mému portrétu (К моему портрету);
ž dovybraný je můj přiděl..." ("Но для меня свершился выдел...").


Annenski Innokenti; Balmont Konstantin; Belõj Andrej. Nii upuvad ööuttu laevad * Так канут во тьму корабли: Luulet / Vene keelest tõlkinud ja järelsõna: Kalju Kangur, Kujundanud V. Albri. Tallin: Eesti Raamat, 1981. Ik. 7-42. [11]
Фото обложки предоставила Г. М. Пономарева.

Luule (Поэзия ("Над высью пламенной Синая..."));
Teisik (Двойник);
ünnisel (На пороге);
Puulehed (Листы);
September (Сентябрь);
Teel (В дороге);
Elu trakter (Трактир жизни);
üks (Еще один);
ügismuinasjutu lõop (Конец осенней сказки);
Nostalgia (Тоска возврата);
Teinc klavirisonett (Второй фортепьянный сонет);
Moonid (Маки);
Vana leierkast (Старая шарманка);
August (Август ("Еще горят лучи под сводами дорог..."));
Must siluett (Черный силуэт);
Jambid (Ямбы);
Saatus (Кулачишка);
üüt (Октябрьский миф);
õgie (Офорт);
Must kevad (Черная весна);
Armastan (Я люблю);
Õhtukellad üle väljade (Закатный звон в поле);
Oreanda (Ореанда);
Unelis (Дремотность);
Kevadromanss (Весенний романс);
ügisromanss (Осенний романс);
Kesk taevasi maailmu (Среди миров);
uuäike (Майская гроза);
äht kustub tähtede seas..." ("В небе ли меркнет звезда...");
Kangastuse kurbus (Тоска миража);
Vanad eesti nai-sed (Старые эстонки);
Minu portreete (К моему портрету);
"Sai keskr
äev äikseelset raskust äkki tüis..." ("Грозою полдень был тяжелый напоен...").


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